Japlish, Round Two

Hi everyone!

It’s been a loooong time since I did a Japlish post! But I have a couple of photos I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while, so here goes!

First, a photo I took in a clothing store’s dressing room one day when I was trying something on. Side note: I don’t know if all the dressing rooms here are this way, but the ones I’ve used usually have a curtain instead of a door, and you remove your shoes before stepping onto the slightly raised floor. This dressing room contained an adamant warning against “shopliters:”

At the guest house where I stayed in Kyoto, there was another placard, this time in the bathroom. It’s a little hard to read in the photo, but it provides a friendly warning to guests: “Please do NOT flash anything other than toilet paper.” It’s OK, I have no desire to flash anything while I’m here.

Here’s a sign from a local shop that I took a photo of this summer:

The Japanese motto beside it actually makes sense: “Just right for your life.” The English motto…not so much.

Last but not least, the farewell card I received from a student in my fifth-grade class last week . Many of the students had written the same line, “You are the great teacher,” so I presume their homeroom teacher had written the line on the board for them to copy. However, one was a little different:

The only question I have is, if I did eat a great teacher, would that make me great too?

Well, that’s all the Japlish for this time. Talk to you next week!

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