Eating on the Go: Japan

Yesterday, my friend and I made our way to the bustling metropolis of Koriyama, which is the place to go if you want to venture from the limited selection of stores and restaurants in our small city. Our mission was to purchase some Japanese study books, but we made a couple of stops for food along the way. I realized how interesting some of these quick food options are – thus I bring you today’s post, Japanese food on the go!

My friend hadn’t yet eaten a proper lunch when we headed out, so when we arrived in Koriyama, we stopped in the station so she could grab a bite to eat. I don’t know if American train stations are the same way or not, but the larger train stations here are full of restaurants, stores, and souvenir shops. The place where we stopped was a little noodle shop, where you order by machine! There is a panel with all the menu options; you press the buttons for the options you want, insert your money, and get a little ticket that states what you’ve chosen. You bring the ticket to the counter, and the ladies behind the counter prepare your food.

Here are the pictures of the menu options, with the buttons down below:

My friend choosing her option: “I think I’ll have the kake-udon…”

This little noodle shop was convenient, but there are also many other restaurants to choose from. One choice that I thought looked interesting was a shop selling roast beef dishes – with raw egg on top. YUM.

On the way back from the bookstore, we stopped in the station again for one of Japan’s specialties – crepes! Some of the food options here surprise me, and crepes is one of them. It feels like something I’d find in France, not Japan. Nevertheless, I love crepes, so I’m not complaining.

As is common here in Japan, there are models of the different items on the menu:

I chose the “chocolate parfait” crepe, which was chocolate cake and pudding with whipped cream and two strawberry pieces on the top. My friend chose the berry “layer cheese,” which looked like cream cheese in the model, but that turned out to be basically like whipped cream. We also ordered bubble drinks, which this crepe shop specializes in. They have a wide assortment of drinks with tapioca balls in the bottom. My friend got peach tea, and I got chocolate milk. The tapioca was a lot chewier than I’d expected. For some reason I was expecting the fruit-flavored balls that they have at frozen yogurt bars, or that I’ve had before in iced tea drinks. This was totally different. It wasn’t bad, though. I just sucked up the squishy orbs with my extra-wide straw and chowed them down.

The paper in which the crepe was wrapped was covered with English slogans: “Crepes for all, all for crepes” and “We love crepes! We love crepes!”

Yes, we do:

After our sweet dinner, we caught the next train home. It had turned out to be a pretty good day, we decided, not just because of the great food but also because we each went home with some fresh study material. We both agreed that nothing is better than new books and delicious desserts!

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