Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, I decided to write about some things I’m thankful for in both countries that I’ve lived in. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to experience two different countries, I have a heightened appreciation for the things are that unique to each place. So here we go!

Things I’m thankful for in America:

1. Family. Top of the list, hands down. Because family can’t be replaced, no matter where you live!

2. Central heating.  Yes, I have a wall-mounted heater/air conditioner. And a kerosene space heater (which I haven’t pulled out yet because I really don’t like the fumes). But central heating is not as common over here as in the States. There are heaters in my office at work and in the classrooms, but no heat in the hallways. And let me tell you, when I’m washing the windows with a wet rag in an unheated building in the morning…my fingers get COLD.

3. Real ovens.  I had grand visions of baking wonderful American treats (like pies!) for Thanksgiving. But I gave up, partly due to lack of ingredients, and partly because trying to bake for a crowd in an oven the size of a large microwave is a little daunting. Yes, I can bake one pie at a time, but I’d be in the kitchen for a long time!

Things I’m thankful for in Japan:

1. Efficient public transportation. Having come from a state where there is very little public transportation – at least in the area I live – I really appreciate the fact that I can hop on a train to just about anywhere in Japan, and expect a safe, speedy ride that arrives on time.

2. Heated toilet seats. Because if your house can’t be warm, at least your bum can be.

Oh, and deep tubs. I hardly ever take a bath in America, but I actually do sometimes here, because the tubs are deep enough to take a proper bath in. Meaning that I can sit upright and still have the water come up to about chest level. They’ll make a good Japanese bather out of me yet!

3. Japanese food. I feel like I’m always talking about the food that I miss from America. And it’s true, there are several things I really miss, especially as we come upon Thanksgiving. But I’ve also discovered new favorites here that I know I’ll miss when I return to the States. Persimmons (my new favorite fruit!), plates of 100-yen sushi, and daifuku, a wonderful confection of filled mochi (chewy rice dough). Yum…

So, there you have it…a few of the things I’m thankful for this holiday season. What are YOU thankful for??

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