A Japanese Aquarium


Aquamarine Fukushima

So for this post, we shall travel back in time for a couple of weeks! I gave a general report about Golden Week, but I also wanted to write about the day trip we went on to the aquarium in Iwaki. The name of the aquarium is Aquamarine Fukushima, and it is, as you can see from the photo, a self-proclaimed “inspiring aquarium”.

Actually, I didn’t find it all that exciting, although it was cool. I guess I had my hopes set too high. The only other aquarium I’d been to was a small one in southern Maine when I was 7 years old, so I was hoping for something really amazing. But I did get to see some neat sea animals. Enjoy the show!

One of my favorite exhibits – a huge tank with currents simulating those in the ocean. This was just a tiny part of the huge school of fish in the tank!


A ray, also part of the large tank exhibit. You can see part of the simulated current. It felt like I was re-watching parts of Finding Nemo!


Some cool seaweed.


A sleepy seal…or is it a sea lion? (Got to brush up on my sea animal knowledge!!)


This one’s for you, Dad! I fought the crowds just so I could get a picture of this funny-looking puffin…the inspiration for some of my dad’s fabulous artwork (although his puffins are the “normal” ones!).


IT’S DORY! Come back, Dory!!


“Do not disturb, or you will be sorry!” At least, that’s what I imagine this grumpy-looking dude is thinking…


In the deepest darkest parts of the ocean…


And now we have a…what? Yes, folks, it’s a little fox-type creature, in its own exhibit in a different building. Go figure…

Well, since my picture-uploading stamina has come to an end, so has the tour. Hope you had fun, and stay tuned for an upcoming post about a Japanese school’s Sports Day!

4 Replies to “A Japanese Aquarium”

  1. Careful what you call normal. I don’t like the way it’s looking at you out of the corner of it’s eye. You might find it staring at you some night while you’re sleeping or worse – served up on a bed of rice!
    I’ll stick to painting the east coast puffins, thank you. This guy’s a bit too furry for me – but thanks for fighting for it!

    1. LOL. Yes they were rather strange-looking…I don’t think they were on the menu though. 🙂 OK keep up with your puffin paintings because I want the whole collection!!

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