Climb Every Mountain (or at least the one in town)

Well, despite having a busy weekend last week, one of my teammates and I decided it was time to get out into nature! There is a small mountain in town, roughly an hour’s hike from bottom to top. Some of our team members had already hiked it, so we were eager to try it for ourselves. After all, how could we ignore an opportunity to climb a mountain that’s just a few minutes away from where we live??

The hike turned out to be a little grueling – not because it was hard, but just because I am not what you would call super athletic. It wasn’t even a hike, really – we just followed a road all the way to the top. But it just kept going UP. We stopped a few times to enjoy the view (and catch our breaths), and finally made it! There was a great view of the surrounding towns, and even some snow-covered mountains in the distance! The photo above has my town in the background. We couldn’t pick out wher, but we could locate several of the larger landmarks.

Even though it was a tiring morning, I was glad that I made the time to climb the mountain. I can’t wait to go back when the landscape is a little more picturesque – when everything starts turning green and the flowers start blooming. Maybe bring a picnic lunch? In any case, it’s great to have a get-away nearby even if I have to work to get there. I’m so glad I live in an area where there is nature around!

This weekend’s trip was also to see nature – our employers took us to a nearby landmark, a VERY old cherry tree. Stay tuned for my next post about that adventure!

View of Mt. Katasone – with carp streamers for Children’s Day in the foreground!


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