My New Home

So today’s the day for the Japanese apartment tour! It’s been almost a week since we arrived here in Japan, and I’ve settled in enough for my apartment to feel somewhat my own. It was mostly furnished, but I have made a couple of trips to the hundred-yen store to buy some small things that make it feel more like me. 🙂

So, on to the tour….

Here’s the very first thing you see when you walk in my door – the genkan, which is a small area level with the outside. You put your shoes here, then step up into the rest of the house. No outdoor shoes allowed in Japanese houses!!

Next, we have the rest of my kitchen – tiny, but functional. Notice the two-burner stove. There’s no oven, only a small drawer for grilling!

However, I do have a microwave that also doubles as an oven and a toaster. I also have a teensy-weensy fridge/freezer. The top only reaches to just over my waist…

There is an area holding a small washer and dryer, and then my compact bathroom. Normally Japanese bathrooms have the toilet and tub in separate rooms but since my apartment is so small everything is squished in together. It’s definitely a Japanese bathroom, though – the toilet has a heated seat and buttons that release sprays of water to wash yourself, and the floor is waterproof with a drain so you can wash yourself outside the tub and then use the tub for soaking, in traditional Japanese fashion. Notice how deep the tub is!

Next we have the bedroom, definitely the most spacious room in my house. I have a fairly large bed, a bookcase (yay!), a desk, and a small table at which I can eat (since I have no dining area in the kitchen). I also have a sizeable closet hidden behind two large sliding doors.

The tall windows in the picture above are actually sliding glass doors, which lead out to a narrow balcony where I can hang clothes. These doors are on the front side of the apartment building, so my view faces the street.

And there you have it…the grand tour of my new little space. I’m sure it will take awhile for it to really feel like home, but it’s already starting to feel like a comfortable spot for me. It’s nice to have a space to come back to, as I’m sure the upcoming days will continue to hold more challenges. As of yesterday, orientation is over, and I start my new job (well, shadowing at least) this afternoon! My world’s been topsy-turvy lately but I have God, my team, and my family back home to depend on, and lots of new adventures to write about. Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

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